Mission Statements

Edsel Rules    Industry Big & Bold
 With Ford’s new Edsel it’s full speed ahead into the New Frontier! Orthopedists everywhere agree. Ford’s All Metal Absorb-a-Dash® will have a big impact on operations.

1.     In recognition that even the most superbly inspiring prose is still just like punching away inside a paper bag; I vow to pierce that bag, retrieve our origins and return to everyone the freedom that is their just due. Readers everywhere unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains.

And then I wanna go to Branson MO.

2.     To write the best damn glob ever. I mean blog ever.

3.    To pray for Michael Jackson’s kids Blanket, Prince and Bubbles.

4.    To accept the fact I’ll probably never find a Studebaker dealership now.

5.    To recognize that those who live in the past may never know the joy of microwave popcorn. Jiffy Pop? As if.

6.    To ensure I always others adhere to the Ten Commandments.


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