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Things I Wouldn’t Wish on My Worst Enemy

  1. Being told you can’t be part of a Class Action Lawsuit because you have no class
  2. Cocaine Bear
  3. Being forced to binge-watch One Life to Live – this is especially tough for people who believe in reincarnation
  4. A girlfriend who keeps putting air quotes around your penis
  5. You crack open an egg and an angry lizard comes out and attacks you. You try to laugh it off, but soon discover – this is no yolk.
  6. I wouldn’t wish You on my worst enemy – especially when you’re in one of your “moods”
  7. A judge decreeing you must be catheterized for non-payment of a parking ticket
  8. Another judge sentencing you to a year of circumcising elephants for not smiling when getting catheterized for not paying your parking ticket. Well, as far as the elephant thing goes; the pay might not be great, but I hear the tips are tremendous.
  9. When trying to go to bed, you have to listen to an endless White noise loop of someone snoring
  10. You have to perform at a “Gentleman’s Club” under the name of Candy Samples. Although the pay might not be great, I hear the tips are tremendous.
  11. In writing a very important letter, your spellcheck doesn’t work, so the parole board fully realizes what an undeserving dipsh*t you really are
  12. To get waterboarded with Yoo-hoo
  13. Waking up on the moon
  14. Having to put out a restraining order against the Dalai Lama because he’s after your sorry ass.
  15. Where you believe that even though superficial evidence seems to indicate that you are just a person living in your body, completely separate and distinct from God and everyone else. That would be foolhardy…and narrow. Some people think this tip is tremendous.

Little-Known Dwarfs Edited Out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Movie

  1. Gropey – This all-hands dwarf couldn’t stop touching his fellow actors and was #metoo-ed off the set
  2. Swiftie – This dwarf was always trying to shake it off
  3. Mucousy – A real drip. Usually found quarantining w/Sneezy.
  4. Phony – George Santos dressed as a dwarf
  5. Limey – An Englishman dwarf who developed scurvy
  6. Needy – A clinging little guy who suffered from abandonment issues
  7. Blitzen – One of Santa’s reindeer that briefly got mixed-up with the Dwarfs.
  8. Rashful – Poor little shy guy suffered from eczema
  9. Dock – This other “Doc” enjoyed boating and would never come to work
  10. Chang and Eng – Siamese dwarfs. Disney only paid them as one dwarf unit, but they demanded to be paid as 2 people even though they were attached at the hip. So they split – kinda.
  11. Alky – Always drunk on the set and was let go. Later got a job as a Munchkin.
  12. Specificity – He was punctilious, fastidious and precise. A real pain-in-the-ass.
  13. Homey the Dwarf – A little too hip for his own good. He had one of those overly elaborate hip-hop handshakes that went on for like 2 minutes.
  14. Stupido – An Italian version of Dopey. Always asking women, “Won’t you dunce with me?”
  15. Tom Cruise – C’mon, he’s not that little. Give him a break.
  16. Spacey – Smoked doobies on the set. Always forgot his lines. Very cool little person however and was the only one who could keep up  with Homey the Dwarf’s complicated 2-minute handshake.
  17. Hunky – A sexy dwarf fireman who had his own mini-calendar. Not so much beefcake as he was vealcake
  18. Dinky – Was TS (too small). Was actually a very rare “Toy Dwarf.”
  19. Boney – Appeared as a Mexican skeleton in one of those Día de Muertos scenes
  20. Snarky – It was one snide comment after another with Snarky. Would often remark to politically incorrect tall people that, “Hey, I can call us midgets, but you can’t call us midgets.”
  21. Filthy – Hygiene issues caused him to be escorted from the set. In later years, Filthy was the inspiration for Charles Schulz’s Peanuts character “Pig Pen.” He lived off those residuals for years. When asked what he thought of Filthy, Schulz remarked, “He stinks. Wonderfully.”

The FM Investment Newsletter and Tout Sheet

Issued by Financially Malfeasant Publications, this newsletter is where the smart money goes to get stupid. At FMI we’re not bullish, we’re bullsh*t.

This is your brain on cauliflower.

The following rumors are scuttle, butt may be true anyway:

  1. JL Kraft Foods Inc. to open a string of Kraft Single Bars – a place where unattached slices of cheese can go to bond with other cheeses of its kind. The bars practice “safe cheese.” That is, each consenting slice agrees to have a protective sheet of wax paper placed between it and its partner to ensure things don’t get too sticky. And isn’t it ironic that these cheese bars can be such meat markets.


  1. Changes at Good Humor and Friendly Ice Cream. Due to budgetary constraints each company has had to downsize. Good Humor Ice Cream will henceforth be known as Mildly Amusing Ice Cream – and that’s not funny. Meanwhile Friendly Ice Cream, unable to sustain its former level of goodwill, has been renamed Cordial Ice Cream. Seeing these once proud ice cream companies being forced to downsize, just melts your heart.


  1. In a similar move, the Scrabble-like app Words with Friends, will offer a less collegial version for more aloof people who prefer to avoid emotional entanglements in their Scrabble partners – the new app is called Words with Acquaintances.


  1. Elon Musk to sell Tesla. He plans to plow the proceeds into his latest visionary quest: Pie Weights – those small, oven-safe ceramic balls used in baking a pie crust. There’s a fortune at stake here. The news has already hit the street, and in after-hours trading, Pie Weight futures skyrocketed to almost 4¢ a ball. And there’s an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 balls out there so you do the math.

Can shower curtain weights and outdoor tablecloth weights be far behind? Pie Weight hoarding has already been reported at Marie Callendar’s. Musk added fuel to the fire commenting, “I’m all in on Pie Weights – the future is now and it screams Pie Weights.” Musk has already cornered the market on drapery weights, collar stays and ballast stones for ships.  


  1. Warren Buffet to buy the Hansom Cab Company. “Right now there are too many ugly Hansom Cabs. What we need are handsome Hansom cabs,” said the elderly investor who then finished his big-piece jigsaw puzzle and was given some warm milk. He made the announcement with magnet magnate Earl Groat by his side.


  1. Carl Icahn to lose billions by recklessly employing credit default swaps (CDS), essentially insurance policies insuring bonds against losses, tied to an index tracking bundles of loans to malls and other commercial properties, he sought to leverage the underlying bonds insuring the property to default. No one understood any of this. No one. Ever. But billions were somehow made by someone until they all realized they were just playing Monopoly. 


  1. IHOP to raise prices of pancakes. In an effort to balance supply and demand for their signature breakfast cakes, IHOP is raising the price of a short stack to $9. An IHOP spokesthey justified the price hike by saying, “We had no choice. Our pancakes were selling like hot cakes and we were running out.” While the IHOP is increasing prices the DHOP (the Domestic House of Pancakes) is holding prices steady.

An Actual Window on My World

You won’t get this. You shouldn’t get this. For sure you’ll never quite understand this actual response to a friend’s email that included requested pictures of his 2nd floor garage winch (like a dumbwaiter) suitable for elevating heavy items to the loft and his recently purchased battered and used commercial GMC truck replete with utility boxes. My friend’s nickname is Dickie which has morphed into Diggie. He has a brother named Ted. There’s no tea in this missive, but maybe you can read the tea leaves and appreciate the algae bloom of ideas and references barely tethered to Earth. I know I enjoyed channeling them. This email was written and sent in one long unedited session on Oct. 11, 2023 (I think it was AD). Below is a copy for your delectation:



Very cool stuff Diggie. 


It would be nice to be you if it weren’t so wonderful being me.

That is the stupidest waiter I’ve ever seen and the truck w/the built-in tool boxes…boffo my man. Livin’ the blue-collar fantasy.

Good cool shit to have (I mean since we must have stuff). 

Appreciate the Hynde reference bigly. Was thinking of reminding you of same in our last phone tete á tete. BTW when you speak to your brother is it tete á Ted?


As Mostly,

Neils Bohr


And when I say Neils Bohr, I’m referring to both Neils (Neil and Neil Bohr). The second Neil was the parasitic conjoined twin of Neil, whose elfin head grew from the scapula area of the more fully formed Neil who consequently wore big sweaters to disguise his freeloading brother. The more retail Neil, whose theories on quantum mechanics we’ve come to revere even if he is bohring, made no mention of the other Neil until his then girlfriend and future wife Margrethe said, “Ummm, Neil, we need to talk.”

Neils’s (pronounced Neilzes) parents thought, since the kids were basically one packet or quantum, why not give them one name in keeping with their unitized structure. Am told by disinterested parties, and hence reliable sources, that the back shoulder seemingly parasitic Neil Bohr was really the brains of the outfit. Host Neil would write his equations on a blackboard, turn around and lift up his sweater, then let parasitic Neil critique them. They made quite a team, 2 heads being better than one. In sum, I suppose this distinction doesn’t really anti-matter. 

I’d say more, but my Chipotle Ranch Dressing just expired. I really must be going. But where shall I go? So Bohring.  




Charlies Chaplin

And when I say Charlie’s Chaplins, I’m referring to both Charlies (Charlie and Charlie Chaplin). Those little tramps.

Wills of Note

Over the course of time there has been a need to stipulate the manner in which a future deceased person (the soon dead) shall distribute their worldly possessions. It has not been without its peculiarities. Here is a sample of some of the more unique bequests directed by individual estates:

  1. Little Miss Muffet – Left her tuffet to Mother Goose and all her curds to the spider. At the reading of the Will, the spider was puzzled by receiving only the curds and complained to the lawyer, “No way?” To which the lawyer responded, “Whey.”
  2. Jerry Mathers – He says he’s going to Leave It to Beaver
  3. Earth – Is leaving everything to the Meek. I guess the meek really shall inherit the earth.
  4. Kim Kardashian – She recently amended her Will. Instead of leaving it all to posterity, she’s leaving it all to her posterior. What an ass.
  5. Mother Teresa – Saintly MT, having so generously given it all away before her death, she had nothing left to give and hence no Will
  6. Kermit the Frog – He leaves his single-family lily pad to Miss Piggy. She’s in Hog Heaven now and consequently unable to accept.

    Me and yet another of my imaginary friends.

  7. All Deciduous Trees – They leave their leaves to the Mulch God, I beleaf.
  8. Dolly Parton – She’s leaving them to the Dollywood Orphanage. If for whatever reason they can’t accept them, they go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.
  9. Will-denier Robert F Kennedy Jr. said he doesn’t see a way he’ll ever have a Will. He then recanted when reminded that, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.”
  10. Paul McCartney – He’s not making a Will. He’s just going to Let It Be.
  11. Shirley MacLaine – The reincarnation lady left her entire estate to unborn Frieda Allsworth’s embryo, whose fetus she’s planning to inhabit in utero in her next lifetime. Careful Shirl. I hear the IRS is watching this one.
  12. George Will – Left his Will to posterity. He’s now known simply as George.
  13. Zombies – Because they’re Undead they need an UnWill in case they’re feeling Unwell.
  14. The Alphabet – When it dies it’s planning on leaving everything to New Times Roman – at least from the letters I’ve seen.
  15. Will Ferrell – Same as George Will. He’s leaving his Will to posterity and henceforth will become just plain feral.
  16. Fannie Farmer – Fannie left her entire fortune of $100 million to her niece Candy, under the stipulation that Candy was to be presented it in an assortment of 1000 heart-shaped boxes with the money filling the 32 little ruffled cups inside.