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Little-Known Dwarfs Edited Out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Movie

  1. Gropey – This all-hands dwarf couldn’t stop touching his fellow actors and was #metoo-ed off the set
  2. Swiftie – This dwarf was always trying to shake it off
  3. Mucousy – A real drip. Usually found quarantining w/Sneezy.
  4. Phony – George Santos dressed as a dwarf
  5. Limey – An Englishman dwarf who developed scurvy
  6. Needy – A clinging little guy who suffered from abandonment issues
  7. Blitzen – One of Santa’s reindeer that briefly got mixed-up with the Dwarfs.
  8. Rashful – Poor little shy guy suffered from eczema
  9. Dock – This other “Doc” enjoyed boating and would never come to work
  10. Chang and Eng – Siamese dwarfs. Disney only paid them as one dwarf unit, but they demanded to be paid as 2 people even though they were attached at the hip. So they split – kinda.
  11. Alky – Always drunk on the set and was let go. Later got a job as a Munchkin.
  12. Specificity – He was punctilious, fastidious and precise. A real pain-in-the-ass.
  13. Homey the Dwarf – A little too hip for his own good. He had one of those overly elaborate hip-hop handshakes that went on for like 2 minutes.
  14. Stupido – An Italian version of Dopey. Always asking women, “Won’t you dunce with me?”
  15. Tom Cruise – C’mon, he’s not that little. Give him a break.
  16. Spacey – Smoked doobies on the set. Always forgot his lines. Very cool little person however and was the only one who could keep up  with Homey the Dwarf’s complicated 2-minute handshake.
  17. Hunky – A sexy dwarf fireman who had his own mini-calendar. Not so much beefcake as he was vealcake
  18. Dinky – Was TS (too small). Was actually a very rare “Toy Dwarf.”
  19. Boney – Appeared as a Mexican skeleton in one of those Día de Muertos scenes
  20. Snarky – It was one snide comment after another with Snarky. Would often remark to politically incorrect tall people that, “Hey, I can call us midgets, but you can’t call us midgets.”
  21. Filthy – Hygiene issues caused him to be escorted from the set. In later years, Filthy was the inspiration for Charles Schulz’s Peanuts character “Pig Pen.” He lived off those residuals for years. When asked what he thought of Filthy, Schulz remarked, “He stinks. Wonderfully.”

Least Popular Sleep-Inducing White Noise Sounds

  1. The sound of a hummingbird that can’t quite find the tune
  2. Gentle rain falling on a corpse (Once they tell you that, you can’t get it out of your head)
  3. William Shatner singing the Beatles “Why………Don’t-We-Do-It-in-the-Road”
  4. A recorded loop of “Please listen carefully as some of our menu items have changed.”

    Q. What’s your favorite color noise?
    A. White.

  5. Another recorded loop of “No, YOU listen carefully. Nobody in their right mind had any of your stupid menu items memorized in the first place.”
  6. The sound of watermelons dropped from the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  7. A recording of the men’s bathroom stalls at Taco Bell after a biker rally
  8. Repeated sound of a cat scrambling to escape a bathtub with only 2 inches of water in it
  9. A symphony of leaf blowers playing “YMCA”

Maybe this list should be retitled: Annoying Sounds Keeping Me Up at Night

Ku Klux Klan Announces Annual 3K Race

Holy Sheet – Yes, It’s That Time of Year Already?


This year’s 3K Race is a must for all you Racists out there. Racists from all sorts of backgrounds are welcomed: be they White, Caucasian, Aryan or just plain Anglo-Saxon. You see with the Klan, it doesn’t really matter where you’re from as long as you’re, y’know …melanin deprived. In the words of Matthew McConaughey, “All white, all white, all white.”  


So come rally ‘round the cross.

When: Friday the 13th January 2023

Where: Col. Judice’s Plantation in Ezra Swamp, Alabama

Length of Race: 3K – Run 1K at a time K-K-K

Activities: Run at 4, BBQ at 6. Cross burning to follow.

Note to Burning Man Fans: We know you like the cross burning, but we’re gonna ask y’all not to come this year until you better understand what we’re all about. As they say…not a good fit.



Press Release from the offices of our leader and Grand Cyclops, Harmer Gullet:


My Fellow Klan Members and Other Bigots,

If you love being a racist (and I’m pretty sure you do) have we got a 3K race for you. For obvious reasons 3K’s have always been the Klan’s sweet spot. It’s kinda like our Goldilocks distance.


Racists should note that for the first time our fundraising rally will be held at the Judice Plantation. Pre-Judice it was run at “Big” Ed Ott’s Manor aka BigOtt’s.


The Klan will use a portion of the funds raised to underwrite contour sheets for fashion-conscious Racinistas who don’t like to be seen in shapeless, billowing sheets. We try to keep up with the times and some of our snootier, Instagram Racinistas are quite particular in the sheets they wear. Heck some won’t even wear white after Labor Day. It’s a real problem at rallies.


The KKK reminds participants that anyone who runs in the race is, by definition, a racist. We will however, allow joggers – but they must be at least anti-Semitic. Participants are also reminded there’s a $35 entrance fee payable in cash or Confederate scrip.


New this year is the Marilyn Monroe “Seven Year Itch” station, where frisky lady Klanners can stand over a grate and have gusts of air blow their sheets above their waists just like naughty Marilyn did. Participants must wear show pants – no bareback and no men. 


A barbecue and cross burning to follow. As always, BYOC (Bring Your Own Cross). And please remember to have your sheets treated with flame retardant spray before the BBQ – we don’t want a repeat of last year’s fiasco.


Well, that’s as best as I can tell you. I mean that’s asbestos, I can tell you.


I’m 3 Sheets to the Wind,

Grand Cyclops, Harmer Gullet

What’s in Your Sleep App?

Top 10 (or so) Least Popular “White Noise” Ambient Sounds

  1. Rain falling on a corpse
  2. An endless loop of “Please listen carefully as some of our menu options have changed”
  3. Waves crashing on a Land Rover parked too close to the shore
  4. Nail guns operated by the Marine Drum & Bugle Corps
  5. Wind blowing through an orphanage
  6. An endless loop of “If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911”
  7. Morgan Freeman slowly enunciating, “Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Heeeeere kitty.”
  8. A batter repeatedly hit on the ankle by a 95 mph fastball
  9. A continuous sound of rubber being punctured by one of those “Caution: Severe Tire Damage” spikes.
  10. The Gettysburg Address solemnly spoken in Pig Latin
  11. A quartet of Leaf Blowers playing “When the Saints Go Marching In”
  12. The sound of no hands clapping. AKA the Sound of Silence.

    Whatever get’s ya thru the night…It’s alright. It’s alright.

  13. Christopher Walken reciting “Rock-a-Bye Baby”
  14. The whoosh of toilets flushing
  15. A 15-round recording of Rock’em Sock’em robots boxing
  16. A veterinarian brushing Grover’s teeth. Grover is his assistant.
  17. The zipping sounds of aestheticians administering a bikini wax

And if this list doesn’t put you to sleep, nothing will.

And We Shall Know They are ex-Military by the Whites of Their Scalps

Is this purposeful or an oops?

Be it known to all men far and wide. Whether they be newly discharged from the military or just civilians on forever furlough; do not, I repeat, do not keep your hair so short that we can see the whiteness of your scalp. I’m telling you – it’s not a good look. It’s not a high and tight haircut. It’s more like a high and uptight haircut. It makes you look like your head is suffering from drought – like your skull is a chia pet experiment gone very, very wrong.


The buzz on buzz cuts ain’t good. Some of you ex-military types look like you’ve been using Crest Teeth-Whitening Strips on your head? Some of you guys look albino from the neck up and the face back. You look like you got your hair cut in a pencil sharpener or they’re prepping your skull for an operation.


Those of us who have no choice but to bare our balding pates get a pass on scalp exposure, but for the rest of my hirsute brothers, don’t be hair impaired if you’re follicle-advantaged. Don’t be scalp proud unless there’s no choice. Friends should not be able to see their reflection in your chrome dome.


Remember: If you must get a haircut, please trim responsibly or use a DH – a Designated Hairstylist.


I wanna be a monk.

Sung to the tune of the Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin”

Knights in white scalped heads

Never reaching for combs

Toupees with thick threads

Covering our chrome domes 


Cuz I’m Mop Topped

Yes I’m Mop Topped

Ooooh Mooop Tooopped

Way Too Much Information about Celebrity White Noise Marketing

Soothing White Noise” It’s what’s for dinner bedtime.

Celebrities trade on their famousness. It’s a commodity of recognition easily monetized courtesy of the endorsement market and the underlying calculus often plays out like this: “Me like that person. If me imitate, me become like them. Then happy.”


Now, let’s cut to the idea of where Ambien’s magic ends, and white noise sleep-inducing sounds begin. At the intersection of sleep aids and insomnia is where celebrities’ agents (who get 10% of their client spoils) see an opportunity to interpose their client’s good name between the desperate need for sleep and white background noises designed to promote glorious slumber. So an unlikely marketing scheme is hatched: White Background Noises created by celebrities for their adoring civilian fans. It’s a match made in Tinsel Town heaven. It’s a kind of fan fiction for the fatuous.


However well-intentioned this scam was, clinical sleep studies with zealous fans proved that not all celebrity white noises were found to be soporific. Far from the sleep-inducing mantras hoped for, some of these narcotizing sound bites, bit back and inadvertently activated the arousal response in sleepy males test subjects – especially when they heard a loop of sultry-voiced Angelina Jolie cooing “What are you wearing.” After this unintentional “ear porn” the sleep-deprived males perked right up and snoozing somehow didn’t seem so important. This and other streams of counterproductive white background noises were excluded from the app, but they can be heard on bootleg versions of the app found on YouTube.


So even though it’s 4 in the morning (in Darwin, Australia, not here in Reno where I am), I’m pleased to present:   



Top 10 Rejected White Noise Sleep Sounds created by celebrities for sleepless fans:


  1. A loop of Tom Petty admitting to the people of Syria, “Well, maybe you do have to live like a refugee”


  1. An endless loop of Steve Perry just singing the “Don’t Stop” part


  1. Misty morning rain…bouncing off Tatum Channing’s abs or was it Channing Tatum’s pecs. Or maybe it was Carol Channing’s cheeks or Tatum O’Neal’s teeth. The point is it involved rain, a celebrity body part and it was rejected.


  1. The continuous sound of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s boots knocking 


  1. The repeated tooting of an “aah-oo-ga” horn…as blown by Monica Lewinsky


  1. Morgan Freeman intoning, “My, my, my.” (Apparently the dissonance of a black man making white noise caused subjects to grow bewildered instead of sleepy.)


  1. Yoko Ono imitating an air raid siren


  1. The soothing and secretive “hiss” of Tom Brady deflating a football


  1. The sound of Tina Turner privately dancing


  1. Marcel Marceau miming the words to “The Sound of Silence”

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Apple Announces New White Noise Sleep App for Weirdos

Background White noises designed to promote deep & restful sleep in the Loosely Wrapped

  1. Endless loop of Oktoberfest Burping
  2. A soothing recording of a woman continuously saying, “The Sandman will see you now.”
  3. Repeated sound of a cat scrambling to get out of a bathtub with 2” of water in it
  4. For the Zen sleeper: The sound of one hand clapping
  5. Doppler-shifted instructions of a flight attendant screaming, “In the unlikely event of a water landing…”
  6. A cacophony of very moist chewing
  7. A succession of watermelons dropped from 7 stories
  8. A succession of 7 stories dropped from a library
  9. Cute kid mispronouncing the word library as “libary” – puts you right out (if you’re weird)
  10. Ugly guy mispronouncing February as “Febuary”; and no I don’t know how you’d know he was ugly if it’s just an audio recording. I don’t even know whether or not he’s transgendered. This is just a stupid list I made up before bed, so give me a break before you get all judgey.
  11. A guy saying over and over, “Y’know the app sucks, but the list is kinda funny.”

Good night everyone. Sleep tight, but not too tight.