Article Excerpted from Preacher Times Magazine:

Such a nice missionary. Why would the Church not let him continue to use his missionary position to help people?

Evangelizing preacher Uriah Soderhouse hopes to maintain his missionary position despite differences with the Church. Elders have offered him other positions, but he insists his missionary position is his favorite.


Spokeswoman Jennifer Carlyle said, “the laity are 100% underneath him on this issue. We want Reverend Soderhouse to know that we have his back on this one – and of course his front too. The good reverend shouldn’t just roll over because the Church says so.”
Elders say it doesn’t make sense to keep him in the missionary position, but that any movement must be consensual and pleasing to both parties. They maintain there are any number of positions he could at least try, and if he didn’t like them he could go back to his boring, old missionary position.

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