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Streetcars to Avoid

  1. Streetcars named Desire

    Stella? Is that you?

  2. Warning: Streetcars named Desire are usually followed by streetcars named Syphilis, so be careful with that Desire
  3. The Hindenburg – Oh the profanity! Riders drop a lot of F-bombs. A word to the wise: It’s highly advisable you get off before the Lakehurst stop.
  4. The Mustang Ranch Pleasure Dome Car – Depending on where you sit, it can cost $300 just to go 2 blocks – and that doesn’t include the tip
  5. The Enola Gay – Don’t expect the operator to drop any F-bombs. A-bombs are another story.
  6. The E Street Coli – Riders say it’s like being in NJ with Springsteen, but with food poisoning
  7. A Horse Drawn Streetcar – It’s not an actual streetcar, it’s just a picture of a streetcar drawn by a horse