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A Meteor Shower Cleans No One

It’s raining in Cancun-spicy Mexican rain. Makes me wonder. Cancun is on the Yucatán Peninsula near where that cataclysmic meteor hit 65 million years ago causing the extinction of the dinosaurs and injuring Barbara Walters.


Location where the asteroid hit Earth 65 million years ago on a quiet Thursday morning.

Makes me wonder why the study of weather is called meteorology. Maybe rain-ology or climatology would be a better name for this field of study, but definitely not meteorology. That’s bad and ill-suited to a field that doesn’t study meteors.
People that study meteors hate the stupid weather people for stealing their thunder and taking the name “meteorology” for their own when it’s a much better term for studying meteors, and not weather.
I mean yeah back in the 1800s it was OK to call the study of weather meteorology. But later on, maybe after Barbara Walters had healed up, they should have reserved the term meteorology for just the study of meteors and given weather some other more clued-in name like weatherology. That way you’d have an expectation on what the hell they were going to talk about and not just sit there expecting some kind of report on meteors – Who needs that?
Now that the weather people have stolen the meteor peoples’ thunder, the meteor people are trying to steal the weather peoples’ “lightning.” But they’re having trouble putting it in a bottle.
Why can’t the meteor people and the weather people just get along? I mean everybody talks about the weather people, but nobody does anything about them.
I guess that’s just the way it is “whether“ we like it or not.
And the cosmic ballet continues…🎶ooohhh makes me wonder🎶
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