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There are No Bad Hair Days in Nashville

Barbara Mandrell and Dolly Parton. Inspiration for the B-52s?

Barbara Mandrell & Dolly Parton were living life in a fish bowl until they turned the tables on the press by putting it under their hair.

Other advantages of such Big Hair:
1. In the event of a water landing, hair can be used as a flotation device
2. In a car crash, tilting head forward provides greater impact protection than an air bag
3. Made it easier for women to just be themselves
4. Can rent out the puffy bouffant to Boeing for additional hangar space
5. Inspiration for the B-52s
6. At children’s birthday parties, scalp area can be used as a Bounce House
7. Fits up to 4 illegal aliens…or 3 legal ones
8. No more headboard banging
9. Aided in the development of Aqua Net
10. Yet another collateral benefit of the Space Program (anti-gravity hair)
11. Picture was used as a warning, back in the day when scientists were concerned about Global Hairing