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The California Drought – What’s a resident to do? (Mainstream Version)

Close up of Keith Richards skin. Also the condition several California's reservoirs.

Close up of Keith Richards skin. Also the condition of several California reservoirs.

What if your tap was tapped-out? What if you turned on your faucet and the only sound you heard was the telltale groan of a creaky system run dry? Instead of water emerging from your pipes you’d be mocked by the mournful cry of Chewbacca’s melancholy wail. This decidedly bleak future from the Dark Side may yet come to pass if California doesn’t get some rain soon. May the Force reign over us and then rain over us. Having such a plentiful resource suddenly morph into a scarce commodity is a new experience to a state perennially flush with nature’s bounty. And if John Q. Public doesn’t have enough problems deciding which photos to delete from his capacity-filled iPhone, now he has to make a Sophie’s choice between watering his begonia or irrigating his wife’s petunia. I know which one I’d choose. Read the rest of this entry »