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***Clown Motel Review***


I gave it 3 clowns, but I’d give it 2 bearded ladies if they’d let me. 

Don’t think I’ll stay here again.

Sleep under the Big Top and wake up smelling like an elephant.

First of all, the guy at the reception desk was a total clown. Then, when I’m signing in, I see a Mini Cooper pull up and 38 clowns got out.

It seems like a nice touch when the motel leaves a little carnation on your pillow, but when you pick it up, it squirts you in the face. 

The Clown Motel is a little eerie. In the morning my shoes had somehow become twice their normal size. Each room is assigned a “personal valet clown” named It, who resides in the closet, but sticks his head out every 1/2 hour to ask maniacally, “Can I get you anything” – and they expect you to sleep thru this. 

The motel restaurant is very good, but for god’s sake don’t order the cream pie. It served “en face.” As expected, the clown pie tasted kinda funny. 

And to think this motel claims Rudolph as one of their own just because he has a red nose. The whole thing was a total clown show.


~Verified Customer~