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What I Would Write If I Had Nothing to Say

  1. Nothing to say. Just smiling away.

    My favorite nut is a donut

  2. I like compliments, but be careful what you fish for.
  3. I’ve got all the thyme in the world. I’ve now cornered the market on that herb. Screw you hedge funds. Any sage advice?
  4. I’m more interested in celebrity nail clippings than I care to admit. If science makes it possible, maybe someday we can clone a Paul Giamatti or a James Dean (if we can get permission from his estate). Nailed it!
  5. Feb 2nd. Well for some reason I saw your shadow this morning. Looks like another 6 weeks of non sequiturs.
  6. I really have nothing to say. No, really. If you stop reading I’ll stop writing.
  7. Look away and this whole thing can end. Now. But you won’t, or you can’t. Damn it! I can’t quit you either and yet I still got nuthin’ to say.
  8. Oh face it. I’m nothing without you and you can’t turn away from my nothingness. There’s less here than meets the eye and perhaps that’s why it’s so compelling. I’m writing from the other side. I’m not trying to make a case or engage you and you like that. Don’t you? Yeah, your daddy author knows you alright – I feel you pouring over my words with your eyes. I’m onto something here and you’re a breathless witness to it. Oh man. Now we’re on an adventure. I know it. You know it and somewhere the Hallmark Network knows it too. This thing has become, well….a thing.
  9. And now I’ve peaked. And I can see the truth. I mean, I’ve peeked and I can see the truth. It’s what you always suspected. It’s just a dream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily.
  10. Conversely, this. This list is what you’d read if you had nothing to read.
  11. I’d say we’ve achieved some significant literary closure here – that is, if I had anything to say at all.