Rejected Romance Novel Titles

  1. Eat, Pray, Spooj
  2. Really? You’d Let Me Do That to You
  3. When I Pretend You’re Someone Else I Love You Even More
  4. You Slay Me: Especially Your Morning Breath
  5. The Passionate Prenup
  6. I Love It When We’re Dancing Cheek to Cheek. Can I Specify Which Cheeks?
  7. I Said “Get in my Volvo” not My Vulva


The Not So Good Ones

  1. The Telltale Vibrator
  2. Truly: It’s Not Your Smell, It’s My Nose
  3. The Tunnel of Love is Paved with Good Intentions
  4. Necromancy in the Time of COVID: You’re Dead to Me

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