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PTSD – Post Traumatic Succulent Disorder

Dr. Hardiman extricating himself from a thorny situation.

Botanist Dr. David Hardiman suffering from PTSD – Post Traumatic Succulent Disorder – had his first outing with his new service cactus.

Dr. Hardiman remarked, “I’ve really learned a lot from Dino. He takes on all my prickly situations and makes them his own.
“I’ve really imprinted on him. Whenever he’s around I never have the urge to pee. He’s taught me how to hold my judgments and water.
“Happily there is no “i” in cactus. It’s just us… cact-us. I mean there is an “i” if there are cacti, but you know what I mean right?”
Although Dr. Hardiman is an ardent tree hugger, he warns it’s “not a good idea” when it comes to cacti.