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Strange, Little Known Coincidences You and I Share

  1. I’ve written something you’ve read.       See, told ya.
  2. We’ve both gazed upon the vast cosmos and wondered, “Is the pizza guy ever gonna get here?”
  3. We’ve assembled brand new BBQs using just the Spanish instructions. Now the only thing it grills well is Carne Asada.
  4. We have overheard show dog breeders say, “Looks like we’ll need to anal bleach the Rottweiler.”
  5. We both wonder if instead of giving GEICO 15 minutes to save 15%, we could give them 50 minutes and save 50%
  6. We do more with less, but at campfires we do s’mores with s’less
  7. We believe there’s a God someplace…probably in the Witness Protection Program
  8. We believe Chevy Chase is no longer funny and is probably in the Witless Protection Program
  9. Whenever we eat alphabet soup it seems to only contain the letters LGBTQ
  10. Growing up we believed that Noble Gases were something emitted by royalty
  11. We believe in Global Warming, but not in Global Parming. For example, no one should ever eat Liver Parmesan.
  12. We’ve picked our friend’s seat – but only at a baseball stadium
  13. By combining song lyrics we’ve both managed to ♫look at clouds in our coffee from both sides now♫
  14. We forget the all-encompassing truth about…ummm…y’know…that thing…about love…y’know…c’mon, I know you know it