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Little Known Associations, Trade Groups and Organizations

  1. Imaginary Friends Support Group – It’s not who you know, but who you think you know
  2. Massagynist Anonymous – Support group for men who rub women the wrong way
  3. Leaf Blower Awareness Association – Just in case you weren’t aware enough
  4. Alcoholics Specifically Named – Life is too short for anonymity. Go public or go home.
  5. American Fart Association – This group stinks. However it’s very popular with 6-year olds
  6. The Why Are We Always 6th on the List Support Group – So predictable
  7. The Because We’re 7th On the List Support Group – So after the fact
  8. PTSD – Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder support group for worriers who are traumatized by things that haven’t happened yet
  9. 9¾-Step Recovery Program – For people who simply don’t have the time for a 12-step recovery program or just really like Harry Potter
  10. Agoraphobic Hermits LTD – This group pretty much keeps to itself. No meetings, no roster, no nothing. “Minding our own business” is their rallying cry.
  11. The Useless Thoughts and Prayers Support Group – This group really tries to be sincere
  12. Dealing with Real Depression – A self-help group for people who live below sea level
  13. The Club for Trying to Read the Tattoos on Black People – I think they’re getting ripped off. Maybe artists should use white ink
  14. Adventurers Who Plan to Conquer the North and South Pole – It’s the new bipolar
  15. Polar Bears Who Go Both Ways – It’s the even newer bipolar
  16. LGBTQ? with ADHD – Support group for people of letters – many letters
  17. Undereaters Anonymous – Not an organized group, but comprises about 25% of the world nonetheless
  18. The Alliance to Prevent Total Eclipses of the Heart – Only Bonnie Tyler is eligible