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Top 14 Requests for Financial Relief from Witty Homeless People

  1. Philosopher/vagrant sign says it all.

    Philosopher/vagrant sign says it all.

    Have worked for food. Now I’m hungry again.

  2. It’s Obama’s Trump’s fault.
  3. Your place or mine? I’m thinking yours.
  4. If you can read this you’re too close. 
  5. I’m the precipitate from trickle-down economics.
  6. Down to 2 teeth-whitening strips. Anything would help?
  7. Blew my MacArthur Genius Grant award money on whores and crack. Please help.
  8. You should see the other guy.
  9. I’m an optimist whose glass is 1/8th How about some help with the other 7/8ths?
  10. Mistakes were made.
  11. I used to fit into most overhead compartments. Now look at me.
  12. Think of me as a tax deductible charity who doesn’t pester you with direct mail.
  13. My inner dialogue is not free. Pay up.
  14. Well I’m out of quips…and money.