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As I Get Older

1. My favorite fruit is elderberries (the older the elder, the better)
2. Favorite name is Jerry Atrick
3. My favorite dog bark is “AARP”
4. Favorite special is the Early Bird Special (finish dinner @ 4:55😃)
5. At the height of summer, I go to bed while it’s still light out
6. The Lawrence Welk Show…not as corny as I once thought – especially those Bobby & Sissy dance numbers
7. In my garage I’ve got a centerfold pin-up of Meryl Streep from “Only Murders in the Building”
8. I now pee in Morse Code
9. For no reason I know, I now call my refrigerator, the Kelvinator
10. Castor oil? It’s good for what ails you.