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Product Recalls You’ll Probably Never See

  1. The Titanic – And now they can’t recall it. Let that sink in.
  2. Disappearing Ink – By the time anyone’s figured out there’s a problem, it’s already vanished
  3. Shakespeare Quotes – I don’t even know how you’d recall a quote. I mean I don’t recall any of his quotes.
  4. Caskets – If there’s a problem with a casket, the manufacturer just tries to bury it.
  5. Auto-Dialer Phones – As I recall, I don’t recall a recaller being recalled
  6. The Bean Layer of a 7-layer Dip – Who’s going to remove the bean layer? And then who’s going to buy a beanless 6-layer dip? I’ll tell you who – Dip-sh*ts.
  7. Viagra – This product malfunction rarely comes up – so to speak
  8. This List – You can’t unsee it. Plus, it’s way too funny to be recalled. Usually it’s shared and goes rival. I mean larval. I mean viral.