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Sanitarium Village Apartments: A Blast of Compressed Air for Your Mental Keyboard


  • Silicon Valley’s premiere psychological recycling center for the burnt out tech worker
  • Asylum-like residences in a luxurious clinical environment located on Alcatraz Island
  • Patient-run since the uprising in 2014
  • 1 and 2 bedroom cells available in 6 month or 1 year sentences
Our open air design encourages cooperation.

Our open air design encourages a free exchange of ideas.

Happily situated on “The Rock” in San Francisco Bay, Sanitarium Village Apartments are newly rehabilitated; just like you will be after your stay here. Our team of MotherBoard Certified clean room technicians will help defrag your central processing unit so you stop crashing. We’re like Mental Floss for your DOS. Our gated sanctuary is far, far away from the troubling demands of the binary mainland. The gates are designed to keep out the prying eyes of your company’s HR Dept., and, more importantly, to keep in the PTTD (Post Traumatic Tech Disorder) residents we supervise. Read the rest of this entry »