Notes I’m Adding to My Resumé

  1. Remember, Jesus didn’t graduate high school either.
  2. I had nothing to do with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. Well, almost nothing.
  3. I don’t like social media influencers. I’m more of an anti-social media influencer.
  4. I’m at my best when I’m eating a grilled cheese sandwich.
  5. I don’t care what the court order says, I wasn’t stalking Marlo Thomas, Marlo Thomas was stalking me.
  6. I’m a little anal in the kitchen. I make Tidy Joe’s
  7. Since it’ll come out anyway. Remember, the word “manslaughter” has many interpretations
  8. Since it’ll come out anyway. I have to ask, “Does this job require more than 7 fingers.”
  9. Since it’ll come out anyway. I’ve visited the grave of Regis Philbin 28 times, but (and I think this counts for a lot), I’ve only visited the grave of Charles Manson once.
  10. I think Groundhog Day has become a shadow of its former self..
  11. The eggs I’ve eaten are now just a shell of their former selves.
  12. Crystal Meth is not all it’s cracked-up to be.
  13. Since it’ll come out anyway. You should know upfront that, when I’m in one of my moods, I like to wear men’s underwear.
  14. Since it’ll come out anyway. I hope my conjoined twin Henry (embedded deeply in my left clavicle) is neither distracting nor disqualifying. And don’t worry. I’ll pay him out of what you pay me. Being just an elfin head and one feeble hand, Henry pretty much goes along with everything I say. I mean what’s he gonna do, go on a hunger strike.
  15. Since it’ll come out at some anyway I should just tell you upfront I like to watch women breast feed….and it’s not even a sexual thing. It’s more about nourishing and healing the planet. Yeah, that’s it. It’s about healing the planet.
  16. Since it’ll come out anyway. I have pictures of every Cat Woman there’s ever been. I’ve even visited the grave of Julie Newmar….and she’s still alive. At least according to the drone I have circling her home. 
  17. I don’t really possess tangible humor. I just have a sense of humor.
  18. For both our sakes, I’ll ask you to please read this resumé carefully as some of my menu items have recently changed.
  19.  Based on this resumé, and even though this is not a medical emergency, you should probably call 9-1-1 anyway


Bonus Thought:

If there were cell phones at the time of Christ, I believe the apostles would’ve done a lot less following, and a lot more face timing: “Check out this sermon Paul.”

“Yeah Luke, he’s like standing on a little rocky prominence saying some really cool sh*t. Anyway, we should play Words with Friends. There’s an app for it.”

“Oh Paul, you really put the app in apostle.”



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