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Clickbait Internet Headlines

  1. If I Swallow Him Whole, Can My Teacup Chihuahua Survive a Trip Through My Intestines? – Find Out the Surprising Answer.
  2. I Wish My Deaf Friends Would Believe Me When I Say It’s Good to Hear from Them.
  3. I’ve Stuck My Tongue to a Frozen Pole. Should I Just Go About My Business? – Discover the Surprising Answer.
  4. They Say You Sound Just Like an Owl. “Who?”
  5. Should I Worry About the Tinsel in My Stool? – Find Out the Surprising Answer.
  6. Can You Breathe Easy Now That You’re a Lung Donor? – Find Out the Inspiring Answer.
  7. Mike Pence has Asked Your Wife to Lunch. Should You Worry?
  8. An Alderman has Parked a Bulldozer on your Foot. Should You Say Something? Find Out the Surprising Answer.
  9. So You’re Starting to Think Maybe Hitler had a Point. Should You kill Yourself? – “Yup!”
  10. We Taste Test the New Embalming Fluids. Find out What Body Part They Made Stiff.
  11. Does Peppermint Bark Come from Trees? Find Out the Surprising Answer.

Whatever You Do Don’t Tell Anyone, But I’m Beginning to Think that the Only Conspiracy, is that There’s No Conspiracy.


And Finally.

Allow me to quote little dogs everywhere when I say to you:

“Yappy New Year. Yappy, Yappy New Year Everybody, Everywhere.”