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The James Webb Telescope List of Newly Discovered Heavenly Bodies

  1. The Flying Nun astronomer: It’s no misnomer.

    The Snickers Galaxy – Similar to our Milky Way Galaxy, except it’s packed with peanuts and really satisfies

  2. The Ford Galaxie – Why a ’68 Ford is orbiting Neptune is the biggest mystery of all. One would expect to see a Nova or even a Chevy Super Nova. But a Ford Galaxie?  
  3. Sister galaxy to the Andromeda Galaxy, the Andromedary Galaxy is shaped like a giant camel toe.
  4. The Star of David – This legendary star makes 6 good points, none of which I can remember. Oy vey!
  5. Kate Upton/Channing Tatum – Evidently the telescope was turned back toward the earth for images of these 2 heavenly bodies  
  6. White Holes – They’re just like Black Holes only more privileged
  7. Orbit City – The home of the Space Age Jetson’s clan has been located. However the telescope is looking back so far in time, that after we meet George Jetson, we see Jane, his wife, is pregnant with daughter Judy. And Elroy is nowhere to be seen.
  8. The LGBTQIA? Galaxy – Most astronomers say the stars were born that way. A few astronomers say the LGBTQIA? Galaxy is just choosing to be that way.
  9. The Marilyn McCoo Galaxy – Where ♫You don’t have to be a star baby, to be in my show.♫
  10. The James Webb Telescope Mission Statement: Keir Dullea…Gone Tomorrow

The Education of James of Nazareth

The Christ boys: Jesus and James. Jesus displaying enlightened gospel. James clutching his rolled up report card.

The Christ boys: Jesus and James. Jesus displaying enlightened gospel. James hiding his rolled up report card.

James of Nazareth was the little known and far less celebrated brother of Jesus of Nazareth. As you might imagine, growing up in the shadow of the Christ child was not an easy thing to do. When your brother is the Son of God it’s hard to have a sibling rivalry. How do you compete?

James:           Mom here’s an ashtray I made at school.

Mom:              That’s very good James.


Jesus:            Mom here’s an alternative universe of indescribable joy.

Mom:              Thank you Jesus!


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