One of These is True

  1. Aging porn stars starting to show cracks. Starting? What else is new?
  2. What happens if President Trump is unable to govern? A. How will we know the difference.
  3. In my drawers there’s a shorts story entitled: A Brief History of Briefs
  4. I’m a great believer in the 2-party system: one in the morning and one in the evening.
  5. Deathbed Encouragement I: Jesse Jackson to Bob Hope: “Keep hope alive. We must keep hope alive.
  6. Deathbed Encouragement II: Steven Tyler to his daughter Liv Tyler. “Live, Liv. Live.”
  7. Deathbed Encouragement III: Matthew McConaughey comforting a hospice patient, “Well alright, alright, alright.”
  8. Amazon Savant: You can give him any date and he can tell you how many business days it is from today.
  9. What’s the difference between brainstorming and barnstorming? There’s no “I” in barnstorming. Incidentally, there is no eye in blind either.
  10. Jesus’ Brother Reexamined

         Cheesus Christ – The true dairy Savior and the Patron Saint of lost cheese

  1. I divide the world in to 2 groups. The blindly ignorant who unshakably believe what they know. And the regular ignorant, who are just trying truths on for size and cling to nothing. For example, my articles of faith have been through several reprints.
  2. Lioness’s lonely niece links loneliness to lessons learned.
  3. Lament of the Ignorant: Nothing is as fun as I used to think it was
  4. I’m going off the reservation now and decamping to virtual reality. I think this whole list is starting to show cracks. Butt what of it?


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