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A Potpourri of Observations that are Completely Odorless

  1. I’m so confused. The Temp Agency got me a permanent, parttime job at the Unemployment Office.
  2. It is said that centuries ago when there were 2 Popes, they sometimes raced down the Nave to get to the pulpit first. Occasionally one Pope might cut off the other sparking a hellacious case of Pope Rage.
  3. After taking way too many Southwest flights I tried to speak romantically to my wife. It didn’t go well: “I know you have choices when it comes to husbands and I really appreciate you flying David Hardiman. I was thinking maybe we could get my “tray table” in the upright and locked position before we take-off.”
  4. Did you ever iron your money when giving it as a gift?    Yes, but just the change.  
  1. I’m writing a new Vincent Van Gogh biography. It’s called “A Brush with Greatness.” I think you’ll find it kind of earry.
  2. My proctologist says there’s a big difference between being involved in a morass and being involved in more ass. (Alright, that joke is not completely odorless. So sue me.)
  3. Now you know. When a Sign Language Interpreter gets arthritis, they call it laryngitis.

Observations After 61 Years of Living (most of them consecutive)

Let’s begin by setting the expectation bar really low, and hope I can get under it.

  1. I rub women the wrong way – I’m a Massagynist
  2. Physicist Izzy Grissom insists his wrist is twisted, but it’s just a cyst that persists. That’s the gist.
  3. My advice to the citizens of Moldova: Men, guard your catalytic convertors. Women and children, sell your platelets. And to all my mollusk friends: keep clam.
  4. For obvious reasons, during performances at the High Wire Club, tipping is not allowed
  5. It is said by people much smarter than me (and I’m sure there are some someplace) that curly fries are overblown.
  6. The preeminent physicist Robert Oppenheimer was also a great chef, though in some of his dishes he did tend to over-plutonium a bit. I’m told he made the only Beef Wellington with a half-life and his fusion cooking was absolutely devastating.
  7. I felt both full and empty after reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness.
  8. The syphilis way to get an STD is to have sex