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How Do You Like Them Apples?

Apples: The ultimate Variety Show.

A Variety of Apple Varieties

  1. Red Delicious – Very American
  2. Bloody Delicious – Very English
  3. Rome Beauty – Known as the Sophia Loren apple. Curvy and sweet.
  4. Johnny Rottenseed – English Punk Apple
  5. LGBT Cutie – They say one bite of this forbidden fruit and you’ll never go back. Great apple, but it’s kinda hard to breed.
  6. Golden Delicious – An American favorite
  7. Brown and Not-so-Delicious – A prison favorite (actually a Golden Delicious that didn’t sell at the supermarket)
  8. Fuji – Popularity is skyrocketing
  9. Emoji – Popularity is 🚀
  10. Pippin – A popular apple and musical. They almost produce the same thing: One generates applesauce, the other applause. Appleplause.
  11. Macintosh – 32 bytes in every Apple
  12. Gravenstein – Tomb in a tankard, the grave-in-stein apple is an IPA craft fruit
  13. Granny Smith – Crisp and tart
  14. Mealy Smith – Soft and bland. People with dentures swear by them or at least near them.
  15. Vermont Black – A now extinct variety. It seems there are no longer any Blacks left in Vermont.
  16. Pink Lady – Flavorful and sweet
  17. Pink Ladyboy – Popular in San Francisco. Very Fruity. Also flavorful and sweet.
  18. Dark Lady – A favorite of Cher. ♫Dark Lady laughed and danced and lit the candles one by one♫
  19. That Ain’t No Lady, That’s My Wife – Henny Youngman helped to develop this apple
  20. Fat Man – Atomically delicious. It’s the only apple that has a half-life.
  21. Apple Corps – What’s a list without a Beatle reference?
  22. Gala – A Gala day keeps the doctor away. A gal a day is plenty for me.